Game results for June 16, 2024
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Astros vs. Red Sox at Shedd
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Red Sox10428010016224
Astros Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Mangan, James (L)(0-1)2 2/3451210
Callahan, Matt2 1/311107000
Flynn, Mack2510130
Robarge, Joe1000000
Red Sox Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Cloutier, Ray4 1/3442313
Sheehan, Mike (W)(1-0)4 2/3531040

Astros Offense Highlights

 Kyle Zappala - If you're into bears...he's your man. Had himself a day...3 hits with a double....
 Joe Krieger - Wanted him to break his new unbreakable wood bat...but actually needs to make contact with the ball with something besides his back fat...2 K's and wood bat still pristine...
 Astros Team - 3 guys had 7 of our 9 total hits....we may want to think about replacing Jobu's rum...

Red Sox Offense Highlights

 John O'Neill - 2-4 w/ a single, double, and run scored after jumping off the plane from Florida.
 Noel Hernandez - 2-3 with 3 runs scored and stolen bases, a double, single and walk.
 Derek Chappas - 3-4 with 3 RBI, 2 singles, a double, a walk and reaches on error with a bad limb.
 Juan Pablos Mercedes - , Benny, and Ricky 2 hits. Jack, Mark with a hit.

Astros Defense Highlights

 Astros Team - Everyone who took the field had a glove
 Joe Robarge - Distracts hitters with his disgustingly dirty pants and throws a clean 1-2-3 inning
 Astros Team - Should be much easier this week against an undefeated Dodgers team....

Red Sox Defense Highlights

 Juan Pablos Mercedes - takes his first innings behind the plate.
 Red Sox Team - no highlight reel plays, but we made it.
 Mark Nichols - forgets his training and doesn't raise his hand on a roller into the playground. Live and learn.

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Athletics vs. Giants at Ferullo
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Athletics Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Silva, Steve (L)(0-5)5 1/371110760
Doherty, Mike2 2/3222200
Giants Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Leathers, Taylor1 1/3276412
Savage, Matthew (W)(2-1)4 2/3611170
Garthe, Ricky (S)(1)3111000

Athletics Offense Highlights

 Chris Paris - 3-3 day with THREE DOUBLES! Scored a run and an RBI as well. Some deep shots at Ferullo too!
 Stephen Felde - 3-3, also a walk, 2 Runs. Nearly picked off, very well could have been ;). Steals 2 bases as well
 Keven Figueroa - Jamie Maclauchlan, Matt Mastas (Welcome to the team, nice to meet you), Mark Magoon and the Buntmaster extraordinaire Dave Brown all with a hit each
 Athletics Team - Tale of 2 games for sure. Started out red hot, kind of hit autopilot, and the Giants are NOT the team to do that with. Hat tip to the Giants for never quitting!

Giants Offense Highlights

 Matthew Savage - 2-4, double, 2 RBI's
 Mike Correa - (rbi), Oscar Aquino, SB, Taylor Leathers, SB, Greg McKiel, SB, all with one hit
 Mark Maselli - RBI Double, BB.
 Todd Surrette - Rbi single, walk

Athletics Defense Highlights

 Josh Cabrera - Got dirty and saved a handful of balls that could've found their way into the OF
 Mark Magoon - Very nice plays at 3rd base. Continuing his career year
 Lou Cobuccio - nice snag in RF!
 Matt Mastas - Catches 8 innings in the heat. Probably won't see him for another 2 months....

Giants Defense Highlights

 Mark Maselli - Throws a dart from right field to the cutoff, Matt Savage, who throws a seed to home to get runner trying to score from second.
 Matthew Savage - and Ricky Garthe, Nice relief work to give us the chance to overcome an 8 run deficit.
 Chris Markuns - Caught all nine and saved several runs blocking pitches in the dirt.
 Giants Team - Way to stay calm and peck away at that deficit. Good team win.

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Twins vs. Orioles at Campbell
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Twins Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Callahan, Rich (W)(2-1)5411021
Hummer, Sam (S)(1)4522320
Orioles Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Belair, Mike4211050
Brito, Francisco (L)(0-1)1330000
Merritt, Chad4552200

Twins Offense Highlights

 Brian Lavoie - Continues to roll, 4-5, two runs, four stolen bases
 Dan Hickey - 3-4, a run, sac fly, 3 rbi
 Mike Hurley - Radio went 2-3, a run, four rbi, a walk and sac fly
 Twins Team - slow start but kept hacking, bats on balls

Orioles Offense Highlights

 Gilve Santana - 2H and 3 SB in the leadoff spot
 Andrew Pickering - 2H, BB, SB
 Orioles Team - Recorded our season low in new injuries
 Orioles Team - Hats off to the Twins pitching for getting us to fly out 13 times.

Twins Defense Highlights

 Izhar Falcon - The Ice Man throwing a one-hop seed from left to first to double a runner on a liner out to left.
 Rich Callahan - Again sets us up great with a beautiful start. Way to throw!
 Dan Hickey - Solid nine behind the dish!
 Joel Perez - A rock at first. Great game JP! ---- Sam - got the job done in the final four innings for us. Good throwing!

Orioles Defense Highlights

 Dan Paries - Andrew Pickering, Ryan Hass solid outfield play despite injuries.
 Mike Belair - 4 IP, 1R, 5K
 Francisco Brito - Pitched well in his debut through some shaky defense. 0 ER
 Orioles Team - Turned a couple double plays, but still need to cut back on the errors

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Braves vs. Cardinals at Hadley
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Braves Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Fotino, Mike3000030
Millette, Gerard (W)(1-2)2 2/3130003
Smith, Michael0 1/3000100
Cudequest, Frank3110420
Cardinals Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Lindsey, Rob (L)(1-2)6151411360
Vereker, Shawn2 2/3542121
Ierardi, Mike0 1/3000000

Braves Offense Highlights

 Frank Cudequest - inside the park home run 1st otb home run
 Mike Fotino - 2 doubles 4 rbi
 Joel Cuevas - double and rbi
 Braves Team - everyone got a hit , played a great team and really showed up

Cardinals Offense Highlights

 Vinnie D'Amico - 3-4, 2 RS, HBP, 3 RBI
 Dan Ierardi - 2-4, BB, RS, 5 SB
 Mike Ierardi - 2-5, 2B, RS

Braves Defense Highlights

 Braves Team - turned 3 double plays kept the cardinals off the score board for most of the game.
 Frank Cudequest - played a solid game behind the plate .

Cardinals Defense Highlights

 Roberto Rivera - Great effort behind the plate for all 9 innings
 Dan Ierardi - Incredible range making great play after great play
 Shawn Vereker - Solid first relief appearance, welcome to the Cardinals!
 George Hopkins - Couple of nice catches going back in foul ground behind 1B

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Brewers vs. Dodgers at Gage Park
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Brewers Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Trainor, Shaun (L)(2-2)7161110031
MacDonald, Rob1000010
Dodgers Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Guest, Nick (W)(2-0)9966371

Brewers Offense Highlights

 Greg Kay - 3 for 4, 2B, RBI
 Chris Laffey - Key hit with 2 RBI to get us back in the game
 Rob MacDonald - 2 for 4, 2B
 Shaun Trainor - 2B, RBI, 2 BB

Dodgers Offense Highlights

 Tom Zahareas - Got us started out of the leadoff spot - 2-4, 2 R, 2 SB; Nick Guest 2-2B, 2R
 Jay Thomas - 1-3, R, 3 RBI; PJ 1-2 HBP, R, RBI; Raj 2B, RBI, RS; Mike R. 2-3, 1B, 2B, R, SB
 Scott Oppenheim - 2-3, 3 RBI; Rich D. 2-3, 1B, 2B, R, RBI, SB; DJ 2-3 2R, RBI, SB; TShea 2B
 Dodgers Team - consistent effort with 10 guys with an RBI or RS

Brewers Defense Highlights

 Shaun Trainor - Gutted it out on the mound all day against a tough lineup. Picked off runner at 2B
 Nestor Perez - Great running catch in CF to rob a hit
 Brewers Team - Tip of the hat to Rich Daigle and his Dodgers squad - solid ballplayers and great sportsmanship

Dodgers Defense Highlights

 Nick Guest - Gutsy performance on short notice to toss a CG; 7K's and fielded his position with 5 put-outs including a nice play on the first base line to get a speedy runner. Stud.
 Rich Daigle - Caught all 9 including 2 pop-ups. DJ, TZ and Jay all with several strong throws from across the diamond. Mike R and Raj - solid OF play despite the sun.
 Dodgers Team - Wasn't flashy, but was professional. Consistent defensive play has been a key to our season. Only one Error today. Lets keep it rolling!
 Dodgers Team - Well played Fathers Day game against a classy Brewers team. 2 Errors combined between both teams...some good baseball played.

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Pirates vs. Padres at Bicentennial Field
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
Pirates Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Bennett, Nick0100100
Masse, Brian (L)(0-1)4 1/3955211
Daly, Rob0 1/3355413
Pierce, Corey3 1/3151111
Padres Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Sholl, John (W)(4-1)7922180
Mosher, Lance2222032

Pirates Offense Highlights

 Derek Crawford - Continues to stay hot, 2-3 a couple of singles and a BB.
 Bill Schellbach - Great at bats, 2-3, SB and RS
 Jeff Buxton - Nice hit to left in the 5th.
 Pirates Team - Hit the cages. More offense a must for a lot of us!

Padres Offense Highlights

 Padres Team - Contributions throughout the lineup...11 different guys scored a run
 Tristan Harrington - HBP, BB, 2 R, 4SB
 Warren Macneil - 1-1, BB, HBP, RBI, 2R
 Chris Bleau - 2-3, R...and some aggressive baserunning

Pirates Defense Highlights

 Brian Masse - Strong, unexpected outing on the mound after our #2 gets injured.
 Corey Pierce - Respectable 4 innings of pitching, not bad for the old Guy!
 Pirates Team - Not a whole lot of highlights in the field, too many errors.

Padres Defense Highlights

 John Sholl - Another strong day at the office...7 IP, 2R, 8K (we won't mention the fielding...)
 Tim Walsh - Can't say enough good things about Tim's play! 9 rock solid innings behind the plate (to go with a 2 hit, 2 RBI day at the plate)
 Lance Mosher - 2 solid innings of relief...3 Ks
 Padres Team - Another solid day in the field...keep the momentum going!

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Yankees vs. White Sox at Westford VFW
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9R H E
White Sox00041520012104
Yankees Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Janowicz, Chris5652220
Ramirez, Nestor1166710
Gaillardetz, Jim2200200
White Sox Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HBP
Sullivan, Tim (W)(1-1)71154140
Diaz, Misael2100240

Yankees Offense Highlights

 Nestor Ramirez - Another solid date at plate - 3-4, 2 Runs, RBI, HR, SB
 Jim Gaillardetz - 3-5, Run, 2 RBI, Double, 2 SB
 Tyler Gaillardetz - 3-5, Run, RBI, 2 SB
 Chris Janowicz - 2-5, Run, 2 SB

White Sox Offense Highlights

 Joe Beitz - staying hot... 2-3 with 2SB and a run scored
 Andrew Gomes - 1-3 w/ 2B, SB, BB, and 2 runs scored
 Brian Turmenne - 1-2 with a BB and the game tying RBI in the 5th!
 White Sox Team - A lot of contribution up and down the lineup today!

Yankees Defense Highlights

 Jim Gaillardetz - 2 innings of relief to stop the bleeding - excellent play on line drive up middle and double off runner at first. some nice plays at short as well
 Chris Janowicz - Nice start, going more than expected
 Jim Barry - couple of nice catches in left, fighting the sun all day
 Yankees Team - Short staffed but battled all day

White Sox Defense Highlights

 John Mallin - Beast Mode continues... catching all 9!
 Tim Sullivan - Way to battle through 7 against a tough lineup!
 Gary Lacroix - Had the rare 4U at 1st base.
 White Sox Team - Turned two double plays. Had a couple miscues that didn't burn us, but could be tightened up. Tip of the cap to a shorthanded Yankees team for battling all game!