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2022 Regular Season and Prior Year Playoff and Championship Videos
Fist pump FTW!
Shawn Smith fist pumps during the 2021 Championship.
2021 Finals MVP
Finals MVP Shawn Smith throws warmup tosses to Rich Daigle in the first inning of the 2021 OTB Championship
2021 Dodgers champion battery
Shawn Smith and Rich Daigle warm up for the 2nd inning of the 2021 OTB Championship
2021 Red Sox battery
Pitcher Jason Tevepaugh throws warmups to catcher Ricky Rosa in the second inning of the 2021 OTB Championship
Latest News
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Team pictures needed
OTB players, friends, families: We need your help! If your team does not have a team picture, please bring your digital cameras, smart phones, anything that can take a picture. Teams needed: A's, Indians, Orioles, Braves, Cardinals, Dodgers, Giants, Pirates
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Playoff schedule
August 7th will be used as a 14th regular season game. The matchups for those games will be determined at the end of the 13th game on July 31st. The playoffs will start on August 14th
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2022 Golf tournament
Registration is now available for the 2022 OTB golf tournament that will be played on Tuesday, August 23rd!
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We need your videos!
If you have any video clips of your game action, you can upload them using this Google form. You must have a Gmail account. If unable, email videos to webmaster@otbinc.com. Do your best to trim videos to 30 seconds or less. If you are unable to, we can do that for you.
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NOTB 2022 Registration Our NOTB 2022 draft is now complete. We are now accepting substitute player applications only.
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Westford VFW waiver All players on a roster in OTB in 2022 must fill out this form to be able to play at the Westford VFW field.
Meetings OTB board meetings are held monthly as well as additional meetings for draft, etc.
Uniforms Order your uni's. Remember that no players can wear #16 which is retired league-wide.
OTB HOF members Check out the HOF members inducted in OTB's 30-year history.
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OTB Team Timeline Check out a timeline of 29 years of OTB teams from 1993-2021.
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Lowell Sun interview Check out the interview with OTB President Chris Augeri.
2022 Season - Team HR Leaders
otb mediaWhite Sox6

otb mediaYankees6

otb mediaCardinals4
2022 Season - Team Run Leaders
otb mediaGiants139

otb mediaIndians137

otb mediaCardinals135

2022 Season - Team Defense Leaders
otb mediaCardinals80

otb mediaGiants87

otb mediaWhite Sox90

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