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2021 Regular Season and 2020 Playoff and Championship Videos
Cloutier singles home first 2 runs in Sox win
Ray Cloutier of the Red Sox drives home Mickey Ryan and Steve Walsh while facing Matthew Savage of the Giants to plate the first 2 runs in an eventual 6-3 Sox win to send them to the OTB Finals
HOF member Mike Poitras final hit in long OTB career
Mike Poitras of the Giants singles off of Jason Tevepaugh of the Red Sox for the final hit of a long and storied OTB career
Greg McKiel triples home 2 runs to bring the game close
Greg McKiel of the Giants triples to deep RF to plate 2 runs to bring the game within one run at 4-3
Ryan throws out Spitz at home
Mickey Ryan of the Red Sox throws out the Indians' Kevin Spitz from CF on an RBI single by Tim Whalen
Notargiacomo hit and run RBI
Jared Notargiacomo of the Indians singles home a run off of the Red Sox' Jason Tevepaugh.
Joe Weidenbach’s warning track 2B brings home Brown
Joe Weidenbach of the Yankees doubles home Bruce Brown off of a pitch from the Braves' Justin Deflumeri.
Brito singles off of Tevepaugh
The Indians' Francisco Brito singles in the 4th inning.
Octavio Rodriguez of the A’s receives team gift
The A’s present Octavio Rodriguez with a personalized flag with his date of citizenship and signed by the team to celebrate his becoming a US Citizen
Octavio Rodriguez of the A’s channels Manny Ramirez
Octavio leads the team on to the field after becoming a US citizen.
Bruce Brown triples to drive in Clermont
Bruce Brown of the Yankees crushes a triple to deep CF at Ferullo off of the Braves' Dan Lewis.
Justin Martell K’s Rodriguez
Cardinals pitcher Justin Martell strikes out Athletics’ batter Octavio Rodriguez.
Rich Gottesman double plates 2
Rich Gottesman hits a deep double in the bottom of the 7th at Leland Park to score 2 for the Orioles.
Chris Bleau RBI single for O’s first run
Chris Bleau's single brings home Rob Guarino in the bottom of the first.
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